Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shaws Coupon Policy

Coupon policies can vary from area, district, and store.
GENERAL POLICY information. Please keep in mind these may vary from area to area, as noted above.
DOUBLING COUPONS (Shaw’s doubles coupons automatically!)
1. There is no minimum purchase required.
2. Offer good on national brand manufacturer’s coupon only (Unless otherwise noted).
3. Customer must purchase product in the size(s) specified on the coupon.
4. Expired coupons will not be honored.
5. ONE MANUFACTURER’S COUPON and ONE COMPANY coupon may be redeemed on the same item, providing the value of the coupon is not more than the price of the item. However, only the manufacturer’s coupon will be doubled.
6. Excludes milk, tobacco, and items prohibited by law.
7. The following coupons are redeemed at face value and are not doubled:
• Free coupons – redeemed at face value only
• Company coupons – redeemed at face value only
• Cigarette coupons – redeemed at face value only
(unless prohibited by law)
• Pharmacy coupons – redeemed at face value only
• Store-issued Manufacturer’s. Coupons – redeemed at face value only
MANUFACTURER COUPONS: ONE manufacturer’s coupon may be accepted PER ITEM for items that are legally permitted. An example of an item not legally permitted in Massachusetts would be cigarette and tobacco coupons. Additionally, please note the following…
1. We double valid manufacturers’ coupons with a value of up to 99 cents. Coupons over 99 cents are redeemed at face value. (e.g., 75 cent manufacturer’s coupon will be doubled to $1.50; a $1.00 manufacturer’s coupon will be redeemed at the face value of $1.00).
2. No more than 6 like ITEMS may be purchased per customer per day using the Double Manufacturer’s Coupon offer.
3. Redemption may not exceed the value of the item you are purchasing.
4. We accept up to a total of 6 triple store coupons in any combination of Shaw’s and/or a competitor on manufacturer coupons valued up to 99 cents.
5. Coupons excluded from doubling or tripling coupons include: coupons for cigarette and tobacco products, coupons for free items, and coupons that state “do not double”.
1. MANUFACTURERS’ INTERNET COUPONS follow the same restrictions stated above, as well as the following restrictions: Coupons must be printed from a computer printer (no photocopies) and MUST SCAN. We will NOT accept manufacturer internet coupons for free product (including buy one/get one free) or that have a value great than $4.99. Altered coupons will NOT be accepted.
2. SHAW’S INTERNET COUPONS are accepted with some restrictions. The coupons must include “Shaw’s” and must be printed from a computer printer (no photo copies). All coupon requirements must be met. Unless otherwise stated on the coupon, there is a limit of ONE COUPON for EACH TYPE per CUSTOMER. Shaw’s Internet Coupons will not exceed $10, will not be doubled or tripled, and cannot exceed the value of the item purchased. Altered coupons will NOT be accepted.
COMPETITOR COUPONS, the Shaw’s Division competitor coupon acceptance policy varies by area, district, and store. Individual Store Directors have the discretion to accept or decline these coupons on a competitive basis. Only grocery stores are considered competitors. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our customer service center at 1-877-932-7948.

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